Information about our Loan Signing Service:

1. Names are always signed exactly as it is written on the loan documents.

2. We always check for legal holidays, and if Right To Cancel date is wrong, the borrower will change it, and initial.

3. We don't miss the top signature on the 1003, or the 2nd page signature of the FHA/VA application.

4. We double and triple check that ALL signatures dates, initials, and notarizations are there

5. We walk the borrower through all the important loan docs, the CD, Note, DOT, and Deed(if applicable).

6. Dates are super neat for Provident Funding closings

7. Docs are returned ASAP after the closing.

8. We always call if there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

In short, we know that a bad signing can cause a missed Rate Lock, or close of escrow deadline, and cause headaches for everyone involved.  We pride ourselves on being organized, detailed-oriented, well-versed in signing processes and procedures, and have a high degree of integrity and professionalism. 

prices available upon request!

Personal Appearance and Current valid government-issued photo ID required of all signers. We are not Attorneys and we do not provide legal advice.

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